General Trail Trekker Hints

Until I started doing trail trekker hikes, I had no idea how diverse the microclimates of the San Francisco Bay Area are. I am not native to the bay area, so I had no idea what the bay area had to offer.

The hardest part of running a trail trekker is getting everyone to a common starting point. In the years I’ve run trail trekkers, this is the biggest challenge, and on a few occasions, families have arrived after we departed and were upset and confused. Many of the locations do not have normal street addresses and don’t have cell phone service. For every hike, I will cover where to meet, and my Google maps are very carefully constructed to highlight the particular meeting location.

When I first started doing trail trekkers, a tour permit was required for every hike. Currently, I below only Rodeo Lagoon requires a tour permit. Current policy calls for you to have medical forms (the history and permission slip parts) close at hand for outings like hikes.

Things to Bring

The hike leader should bring:

  • first aid kit for scrapes and cuts
  • map of the hike area
  • description of path and area
  • medical history & allergy standard BSA medical forms
  • small flashlight
  • extra sunscreen

Everyone should bring:

  • water
  • sunscreen and/or hat
  • clothes appropriate for the weather
  • snack or lunch depending on the schedule (I have an extended break at some point for all hikes)

Optional equipment:

  • camera for taking pictures
  • length of rope in case someone falls or to give scouts something to hold onto while on narrow path

Gathering Time and Leaving Time

Your group should have a clear understanding of what the gathering time is and what the leaving time is. For example, when I announce a hike, I’ll say that it’s at 2pm, and we’ll be leaving at 2:15pm. Things come up at the last minute, and people may not be able to reach you via cell phone. Some of the hikes are far away, and traffic is unpredictable.


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